Purpose- More Than Basketball (MTB) LLC, provides first-class event management, creativity, management and planning to premiere basketball entities (including our own) and corporate events in the Washington DC area and along the East Coast. Relying on past experience and expertise, More Than Basketball aims to effectively establish, market, operate and manage high quality events catering to the student athletes, participants, fans and corporate sponsors who make the events possible. Efficient and effective event planning and execution is a MTB guarantee.

Secondary Purpose- With a name like MORE Than Basketball it is evident that the basketball events are the foundation of our company but there is a whole lot MORE which include endeavors that range from community  outreach events (3 on 3's, career fairs, college tours), film development/production apps and gaming. The thing that we realized is that the grassroots basketball demographic is a "small but large network" because people who aren't casual basketball fans, coaches, participants or a person of interest may not care to attend one of our events or concern themselves  with attending such events that don't  have any direct relevance to them. We realized that we have to take advantage of everyone who walks through the doors of our events. because we may never see them again. So In essence our events became not only a source of revenue but a professional platform to relay all types of information, make those in attendance aware of our services and expose them to our artists/ outside endeavors because they go off to their regular lives which could be in need of a service we provide outside of basketball or could aid in our efforts for national notoriety and brand development.

Staff- More Than Basketball was founded in 2009 by Arize Ifejika  (see PRESS page). Arize brings a long resume of event management experience (Hoop Group, Hoop Magic) to each event. His passion, professionalism and motivation as well as strong work ethic and ability to work together and with others will ensure the success of MTB events as they continue to improve and reach a larger and larger audience.

Clients- In our attempt to lure clients we have made our own brand MTB our primary client. We determined that by doing so we will not only build the notoriety and reputation of our company but it will serve as a platform to show major corporations that they are in good hands.


Arize Ifejika- Founder/CEO

Rodney DuBose- VP Business Development

Stephen Burnett- Director of Promotion/Public Relations

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