More Than Basketball

Beginning Monday September 25th More Than Basketball in conjunction with Tru 2 Form and On A String Training will begin HIGH IMPACT VOLUME TRAINING

High Impact Volume Training are 2.5 hour sessions with typically larger groups where kids are broken up into 3 groups (Elementary School, Middle School, High School) and put through a rigorous training regiment that will consist of...

- 30 mins of warm up and stretching

- 90 mins of rotation station work (footwork, ball handling and shooting)

- 30 mins of high intensity competition (2 dribble one on ones, pick up, etc)  

General Information:

- Location: Woodrow Wilson High School (3950 Chesapeake Street NW)

​- Days: Mon-Thurs Evenings, Sat's & Sun's during the day (check monthly schedule)

- Pricing: $25 per session, 5 sessions for $100

​- Payment options

            - online

            - over the phone

            - in person (drop in only)

                         - all methods of payment accepted


Sign up for the introductory package which is 3 sessions for $60 with 2 sessions FREE!!! That's 5 SESSIONS FOR $60!!! CLICK HERE