4th/5th grade:

All teams make playoffs,

1st place finisher receives a bye

Pool A

1. Metroball

2. Capital City Thunder

3. MD Tigers

6th grade:

All teams make playoffs, 
1st place finisher receives a bye

Pool B

1. Capital City Thunder​ 

2. District Stars

3. Team Tru Grit

7th/8th grade:

Top 2 teams in pool advance to finals

Pool C

1. 1Up Warriors 13u

2. District Stars 13u

​3. MD Rockets

​4. Allentown Pressure

9th grade: 

Top 3 teams in each pool advance to playoffs

Top pool finisher receives a bye

Pool D

1. MD United

2. Allentown Pressure

3. Capital City Thunder blue

Pool E

1. Capital City Thunder black

2. Metroball VA Orange 

​3. 1Up Warrios 14u

​4. All City Elite

​10th/11th grade:

​Top 2 teams in each pool advance to finals

Pool F

1. Metroball

​2. All City Elite

3. One Nation 16u

4. New World Silver 16u

​Court 1 & 2
Maret School
3000 Cathedral Ave NW

Spectator Fee: 
Saturday-  $15 Adults $10 Students
​Sunday- $10 Adults, $8 Students

​WEEKEND PASS: $20 Adults $15 Students


​                      Ct1                     Ct2                  

Saturday: Home team is listed 1st and wear white

9am             D1 vs D3                 C1 vs C2

10am           C3 vs C4                 B1 vs B3

11am            D2 vs D3                A1 vs A2

12pm            B1 vs B2                C2 vs C3

1pm              D1 vs D2                A2 vs A3

2pm             C1 vs C4                 B2 vs B3

3pm             E1 vs E2                 A3 vs A4

4pm            E3 vs E4                XXXXXX 

5pm             F1 vs F2                 F3 vs F4

6pm             E1 vs E3                E2 vs E4   

7pm             F1 vs F3                 F2 vs F4

Sunday: Home team is listed 1st and wear white

9am           C2 vs C4                 C1 vs C3
10am          E1 vs E4                 E2 vs E3
11am          F2 vs F3                  F1 vs F4
12pm   2ndE vs 3rdD       2ndD vs 3rdE 
1pm     2ndB vs 3rdB        2ndA vs 3rdA
1stD vs  2ndE/3rdD    1stE vs  2ndD/3rdE
3pm          6th Final              7th Final
4pm       Varsity Final    4th/5th Final  
5pm          9th Final              8th Final       

APRIL 6-7, 2019

Divisions: 4th grade - 11th grade (boys only)

$275 per team


​Court 1 & 2

Maret School

3000 Cathedral Ave NW

Spectator Fee: 

Saturday-  $15 Adults $10 Students

​Sunday- $10 Adults, $8 Students

For debit/credit card payment info fill out contact form below

Make Check/Money Order payable to 
More Than Basketball LLC
(fill out form for mailing info)

Tournament Rules & Guidelines

1. Teams are divided into divisions; of 3 or 4 team pools..
2. All games will consist of two 18 MINUTE HALVES. The clock will run the first 17 minutes of the first half and the first 15 of the second half except for TIME OUTS AND FREE THROWS.  Teams shoot 1 an 1 on the 10th foul and 2 shots on the 13th. Player's will receive 6 personal fouls before disqualification. 
3. Each team gets three time-outs per game (2 full, one 30). One additional timeout is added to any remaining timeouts for each overtime period. If overtime is necessary, it will be: - TWO minutes in pool play, - (3 minutes in playoffs or championship). Each team will receive one additional 30-second timeout. If a second overtime is needed, it will be Sudden Death BY 2 POINTS in pool play but still three minutes in the Playoffs or Championship games. All other rules are High school federation rules unless covered by these exceptions. 
4. The first team listed on schedule will be the Home Team and wear a lighter color uniform. FORFEIT TIME is 15 MINUTES with the ON TIME TEAM BEING AWARDED THE WIN. SCORE 15 – 0. 
5. Pool Play will consist of  three or four teams who will play each other once. Teams should be at least one hour early for all games.
6. In the event of a tie in Pool Play we will use the following Tie Breakers in this ORDER OF PRIORITY: a) Head to Head Play...then b) Offensive Point Differential (20 pt. max per game) of the teams involved in the tie...then .....then c) If there is still a tie AFTER using these tie-breakers the 3rd criteria will be fewest points allowed amongst the teams INVOLVED  in the tie. e) If needed the final criteria will be a 4 minute stop time play-off. Please be reminded that we use these tie breakers in the above mentioned order. If the tie is settled after using the first priority there will be no need to go the 2nd priority. If the tie is settled after using the 2nd priority there will be no need to use the 3rd priority. 
7. Mercy Rule – If a team is up by 30 points or more with four minutes or less or up by 20 points with two minutes or less remaining on the clock, the game will AUTOMATICALLY BE stopped. 
9. All rules not covered by this list will be decided by the tournament director. 

2019 Champions and Runner Ups